Care for the Environment by using Flopp


Careli commercialises cleaning products in single dose capsules under the brand name FLOPP. They are packed in a revolutionary film completely water-soluble. This revolutionary and innovative system provides:


  1. These products are environmentally-friendly. They are biodegradable, free of inert and unnecessary raw materials. They do notgenerate plastic waste. Being very
    concentrated, they help save transport costs and therefore reduce CO2 emissions by 75%. As an example, one lorry with FLOPP Ropa (detergent for clothes) equals 3.5 lorries with the same product packed in the traditional system. FLOPP Ropa saves 30.000 plastic bottles to our most precious treasure, the environment.
  2. We take up less space: in transport and supermarket shelves as well as in the consumers’ households. Being highly concentrated, packaging volume is reduced by up to 90%.
  3. Economic savings: Its high concentration optimizes packaging costs, transport and storage, so consequently reducing production
    costs. The use of single doses cuts down the costs caused by overdosing and avoids the estimate calculation usage.medio-ambiente1
  4. Minimizes occupational hazards: There is no need for direct handling of chemical products and loading is considerably reduced.
  5. Everything is more convenient: easy to move and use, no more tearing the bags open, nor handling the product. EASY TO USE – WITH A SIMPLE MOVE!

Logo-Ecolabel1Since its very beginning, Careli has developed products with the intention of making people’s lifes better and at the same time with the utmost respect for the
environment. In this sense, three products of the FLOPP range are now certified ecolabel. We keep on working to expand this range of products.

FLOPP Suelos Universal, FLOPP Lavavajillas and FLOPP Ropa ECO  have been certified with European Ecolabel. 

Small gestures for our planet

We can contribute to the protection of the environment by small daily gestures. Our piece of advice is to use product concentrates, packed in single doses so you will use the exact quantity of product without producing plastic residues.

Here are some tips on how to carry out a proper wash:

  • Fill the dishwasher and choose an economical program at low temperature. First remove all leftover food, as it is usually difficult to degrade in an aqueous media. (Ideally allocate it to compost).
  • Avoid underloading the washer: Some washers use the same quantity of water and energy whatever the load is. So why don’t you add a few more clothes and fill it properly? This will help you save money by washing more clothes while using the same amount of energy and water. Your clothes will be as clean as usual.
  • Use the appropriate number of single doses according to soil and water hardness (both for laundry and floor cleaning, etc.).
  • Wash at the lowest recommended temperature: Our detergents perform equally well at low temperatures. This provides energy savings and optimally clean laundry.
  • Waste is reduced, thanks to packaging: By using FLOPP, plastic bottle waste is decreased and less cardboard is used, giving the environment a rest.

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