Flopp Bac and Flopp Multiusos from Careli, winners in the most important packaging competition in the world

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The WorldStar Award is the second packaging award that the project receives, after winning the national Liderpack award last October The innovative and sustainable packaging of Careli's Flopp Bac and Flopp Multiusos products has just received a new recognition: an international award at the WorldStar Awards, the most important packaging competition in the world. This award places Flopp Bac and Flopp Multiusos packaging among the ten best global packaging proposals in the category of home products of the year. The Flopp Bac and Flopp Multiusos project, whose system promotes the circular economy and the end of single-use plastic containers in cleaning products, has [...]

Flopp Bac and Flopp Multiusos from Careli, distinguished with the LIDERPACK award for the best packaging for home product

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This award, the most important in Spain, recognizes innovative, sustainable and creative packaging The innovation in the packaging of Careli products has received a new award: Flopp Bac and Flopp Multiusos cleaners have been awarded by Liderpack as the products with the best product packaging for the home. The Liderpack Packaging & Popai Awards, created in 1995 and organized by Graphispack Asociación and Hispack, are the most prestigious awards in Spain, and recognize innovative, sustainable and creative packaging aimed at the end consumer, industrial sectors or use in transportation and logistics. An innovative system with the utmost respect for the environment The main [...]

2021: A new era in the fight against single-use plastics

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2021 will mark a before and after in the consumption of single-use plastics. The European Parliament approved on March 27 the agreement reached with the Council of the European Union by which, as of 2021, items such as cutlery and single-use plastics, drinking straws, cotton swabs for the ears made of plastic, plastic sticks for balloons, oxodegradable plastics - which produce microplastics when they disappear -, food containers and polystyrene cups. In addition, it is established that Member States will be obliged to recover 90% of plastic bottles in 2029. In 2025, 25% of the plastic in bottles will have to be recycled [...]

Eliminate single-use plastic bottles from cleaning products, now possible with FLOPP BAC and FLOPP Multiusos, the new products from Careli

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Careli presents a revolutionary new system based on water-soluble capsules and reusable plastic bottles  Under this system, the brand's vegan product catalog expands with FLOPP Multipurpose, a cleaner for domestic surfaces, and FLOPP Bac, a multipurpose cleaner with sanitizing power The use of plastic is not sustainable and is a clear example of the impacts of the use-and-throw culture. Therefore, you have to go to the origin of the problem and, firstly, reduce the amount of plastic that is put into circulation, and then bet on reuse. With this philosophy, Careli continues to take steps to combat the use of single-use plastics, with [...]

Taking care of the planet will help us avoid new pandemics

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More than 70% of emerging infectious diseases in humans in the last forty years have been transmitted by animals, according to the latest and powerful report published by WWF. Clear examples of this are the latest Ebola outbreak, AIDS, SARS, avian flu, swine flu, and COVID-19, produced by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. What is the origin of this trend? The alteration of ecosystems by the direct destruction of habitats resulting from agricultural and livestock intensification, together with the consequent loss of biodiversity and the palpable consequences of climate change create the perfect storm conditions to increase the risk of the appearance of communicable [...]

What do we know about microplastics and how can we fight them?

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One of the most talked-about environmental problems in recent years is microplastics, plastic particles that measure less than 5 mm and that move through the seas and oceans of our planet. Microplastics come basically from many of the products we consume: cosmetics, clothing, cleaning products, paints, creams and detergents. Microplastic has been known to exist for more than 20 years, as part of cleaning products, but today they are used for their exfoliating power or to give color and texture to products. We distinguish two types of microplastics according to their origin: Primary microplastics: They are those that after use reach the environment [...]

Careli presents FLOPP Perfume Clothes: the aromas of essential oils, now in your clothes

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Careli continues to innovate and expands its product catalog to clean without dirtying the planet. The new FLOPP Perfume Ropa is a perfume for clothes in capsules, with vegan certification and with a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. FLOPP Perfume Ropa can be used during the washing process or it can be used as a freshener for clothes. FLOPP Perfume Ropa is the first vegan certified capsule clothing perfume, formulated with natural essential oils that leave garments an intense and lasting ocean freshness. In this way, Careli responds to the needs of a consumer who demands a lasting perfume on clothing [...]

#StayAtHome, how do I clean it to make it safe?

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) has focused on the importance of cleaning and disinfecting our homes to prevent the spread of bacteria that could be potentially harmful to our health. Also, spending more hours at home (teleworking, confinement) is a challenge for daily cleaning. One of the tasks that we can do at home these days is a thorough cleaning of all rooms, especially kitchens and bathrooms, which are considered the main sources of infection in the home. Kitchen In the kitchens we must pay attention to work surfaces, household appliances (ceramic stoves, fridges, ovens, extraction hoods, etc.), floors, cabinets and pantries. It is [...]

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What are the advantages of using ecological detergents?

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The main characteristic that differentiates the use of ecological detergents against traditional detergents is their greater commitment to the sustainability and protection of ecosystems and natural environments. These ecological products can be easily identified because they are certified with the EU ECOLABEL, which officially identifies and certifies the most ecological products and services that respect the environment throughout their life cycle, from the consumption of raw materials, production and distribution, to their use and disposal. In addition, there are many more advantages and benefits to throw ourselves into the use ecological detergents. Want to know them? No health risks Ecological detergents involve less [...]

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