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What are the advantages of using ecological detergents?

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The main characteristic that differentiates the use of ecological detergents against traditional detergents is their greater commitment to the sustainability and protection of ecosystems and natural environments. These ecological products can be easily identified because they are certified with the EU ECOLABEL, which officially identifies and certifies the most ecological products and services that respect the environment throughout their life cycle, from the consumption of raw materials, production and distribution, to their use and disposal. In addition, there are many more advantages and benefits to throw ourselves into the use ecological detergents. Want to know them? No health risks Ecological detergents involve less [...]

Say yes to ecological detergency! Efficiency and savings with FLOPP Ropa ECO

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With this striking sentence, CARELI, launches a new laundry detergent with ECOLABEL, FLOPP Ropa ECO. A detergent designed to care for all kinds of fabrics with maximum efficiency in washing. The green revolution of the capsules is here. In recent years awareness of the environment has increased and with it new products that respect our ecosystem have surfaced. In addition, the products with ECOLABEL have achieved efficiency equal to or higher than their counterparts. FLOPP Ropa ECO can be found in format of 18 capsules. – Suitable for white and colored laundry – Maximum eco-washing power – Total efficiency and maximum respect for [...]

FLOPP Ropa BEBÉ, innovation in laundry detergents for baby clothing

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FLOPP Ropa BEBÉ is Careli’s latest innovation, the new liquid detergent concentrate for baby clothing, with no mentionable allergens, packed in capsule. The new product FLOPP Ropa BEBÉ has been designed for the care of the most delicate fabrics offering all the advantages of the products packed in water soluble capsules: Easy and convenient dosing, one capsule directly in the drum 100% soluble, maximum respect for the environment Utmost protection for children. In order to avoid ingestions, capsules contain Bitrex (the bitterest substance in the world). Lightweight, easy to carry and simple to use […]

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