Take care of the environment by using FLOPP

At CARELI we carry the values of sustainability and innovation in our DNA, and we are determined to create a world where we can clean without polluting the planet. That is why we have decided to go one step further and stand up to plastics with our new FLOPP Eco range: the first range of products certified with the European Ecolabel and with a fully biodegradable and compostable packaging. FLOPP Eco, composed of an ecological dishwashing detergent, an ecological laundry detergent and an ecological floor cleaner, has been awarded with the Liderpack 2018 Award, the IPA Golden 2018 Award and the Worldstar Pacakging Award 2019.

Not only do we believe that the packaging presents and protects the product it contains, but also that it reflects the values of our brand. Our ecological products packed in water-soluble capsules provide the following benefits with respect to conventional detergents packed in traditional packaging:

  • Less environmental impact
  • Greater biodegradability
  • Less use of hazardous chemicals
  • Same efficacy as conventional products
  • Less potential health risks
  • Labelling with instructions for a correct ecological use, which translates into greater energy and economic savings, thanks to their great efficacy at low temperatures.
  • Easier, more convenient and more precise dosing (the exact dose is used).
  • No direct handling of the product
  • Maximum protection to children (all Careli capsules contain BITREX, officially considered “the bitterest substance in the world”).
  • Less packaging waste: the water-soluble film dissolves completely when in contact with water, without leaving any residues.
  • They occupy less space: on the supermarket shelfs and during transport, which translates into less CO2 emissions. For example: a truck loaded with FLOPP product is equivalent to 3.5 trucks of a similar product packed with the traditional system.