Careli Inox


Careli Inox is a unique product that leaves stainless steel surfaces with a shiny and uniform film, providing an antistatic effect that repels dirt and protects surfaces against greases and corrosion.

The cleaning of stainless steel is easy, but it has to be ongoing. Currently, a lot of utensils and elements are made of stainless steel: worktops, extractor hoods, dishwashers, ovens, washers, fridges, washbasins, sinks…

Careli Inox is sold in units of 750ml.



Operating instructions: In order to do a proper cleaning and maintenance, do not use scouring pads, cleaning cloths or wire brushes to clean. It is not recommended to leave scouring pads or humid cloths on the stainless steel surfaces as they may cause lime stains to appear. First, clean the surface with a wet cloth soaked in soapy water. Then dry the surface with a cloth. Finally, spray Careli INOX twice on a dry cloth and wipe the surface. The product forms a protective layer, delivers an antistatic effect that repels dirt. Protects against grease and corrosion.

Additional information

Weight 0.645 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5.40 cm


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