Careli Neonzim


Enzymatic concentrate especially conceived for hygienising and deodorizing neoprene equipment for scuba diving. Removes unpleasant odours caused by salinity and physiological effects during scuba diving.

Careli Neonzim can be found in boxes with 2 bottles of 1L



How to ensure a proper maintenance?

After each dive, the suit should be rinsed with fresh water and air dried, without exposing it directly to the sun. We recommend you to place 50 ml of Careli Neoenzim in the washing machine and run a spin cycle in order to remove bad odours.

Diving Centres usually provide buckets to rinse the suits. These buckets should contain a solution of Careli Neoenzim (or similar) to ensure the suits’ hygiene and deodorization.

At the end of the season it is advisable to wash the suits in the washing machine, run a programme for synthetic laundry at maximum 40ºC, placing two capsules of FLOPP Ropa directly in the drum.

FLOPP Ropa is a neutral detergent that is gentle on the materials and leaves them in perfect condition. Do not add fabric softener. Add 50 ml of Careli Neoenzim in the spin cycle.

Once the programme is over, hang the suits on a hanger and let them dry without exposing them directly to the sun. Do not keep them in a wet area.

Additional information

Weight 2.500 kg
Dimensions 32 × 10.50 × 15 cm


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