FLOPP ECO Lavavajillas

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Flopp Lavavajillas — certified with the EU ECOLABEL (ES-CAT/015/002) — is a multifunctional and ecological detergent for automatic dishwashers packed in water-soluble capsules. It is designed to provide perfect cleanliness of the tableware and deliver perfect shine. It is presented in a 100% Biodegradable & Compostable packaging that complies with the normative UNE-EN 14806, made out of renewable sources.

The product acts as a degreaser, eliminating dried up stains and coffee and tea stains, while delivering a perfect shine and protection.

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The EU Ecolabel assesses the environmental effects of a product throughout its life cycle: Raw materials’ consumption, manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal.

It is granted to products that guarantee a high level of environmental protection. It is aimed at promoting products and services that help protect the environment. They must also demonstrate clear efficacy when compared to other products in the same category.

This product convinces for its multiple advantages:

  • POWERFUL CONCENTRATED FORMULA, HIGH GLOSS: Removes the toughest stains and leaves an outstanding shine resulting in a perfect finish to all your dishware.
  • 100 % SOLUBLE: Thanks to its gel formula, the product acts from the very beginning of the washing process, making it ideal for short washing cycles. It stands out for its fast action and does not leave any residues.
  • EASY TO USE: Place one capsule directly in the detergent cup of the dishwasher without cutting the capsule open.

Operating instructions: Place one capsule in the dishwasher’s detergent dispenser and then run the chosen program. Do not place the capsule in the cutlery basket or the salt reservoir. Do not unwrap, wet, cut open or puncture the capsule. Close packaging tightly after every use.

Todas las cápsulas de Careli contienen BITREX (oficialmente considerada “la sustancia más amarga del mundo”)  para ofrecer máxima protección a los más pequeños y evitar ingestiones.

Flopp Lavavajillas ECO is sold in units of 16 capsules and cardboard boxes of 110 capsules.

Flopp Lavavajillas ECO was voted “Product of the Year 2017”

Flopp Lavavajillas ECO has been awarded the Liderpack Award 2018, the IPA Golden Award 2018 and the Worldstar Packaging Award 2019 for “The best Packaging for Household Products”

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