Before placing dishes into the dishwasher…

Remove food residues such as bones and seeds. Place a FLOPP Lavavajillas capsule into the detergent dispenser.

Possible solutions to simple problems:lavavajillas

  • Detergent remains in the dispenser: Some objects in the dishwasher may have blocked the detergent dispenser door hindering the opening. Oncethe dishwasher is filled, make sure that the dispenser can be opened. Also check if the dispenser is dry before placing/pouring the detergent.
  • Coffee and tea stains left after dishwashing: soak dishes in a highly diluted solution of bleach. Rinse the items very well. Many factors may cause these stains: water hardness, temperature, pressure and circulation, dishware loading, lack of rinse aid, temporary changes of water conditions…
  • Foam remains in the dishwasher: Sometimes foam is developed in the dishwasher. It may be caused by the fact of pre-washing by hand with a manual dishwasher product. Therefore, it is extremely important to rinse the dishes thoroughly before loading them into the dishwasher. The deposits may be removed by drawing the water from the dishwasher and remove as much foam as possible.
  • Dishware is not completely dry: The rinse-aid dispenser may be empty or dosage is too low. Add rinse-aid or adjust the dosage.
  • Dishware and silverware are not properly clean: make sure you choose a correct cycle (not too short or not a special program). Another reason may be that the water pressure is too low. Avoid running other water while the dishwasher is running (washing-machine, bathtub…). Also make sure that the spray arms are not blocked and that they swivel.

Dishwasher maintenance

Dishwashers require a minimum maintenance in order to keep them working properly and offering excellent washing results:

  • Check salt and rinse-aid levels before starting the dishwasher.
  • We recommend placing the glassware, dishware and cutlery into the corresponding rack based on manufacturer data.
  • Before loading the dishwasher, remove all remains of food and rinse it all. The dishwasher has a pre-washing cycle to prevent drying of food residues.
  • It is essential to clean the dishwasher regularly to avoid build-up of fat and lime and prevent the spray arms from being blocked. If they were, pull the lower arm up and the upper arm down and unscrew them (refer to the instruction manual for further information). Rinse both arms under the tap before refitting. Once placed, make sure the lower arm is securely locked in place and the top is well screwed.

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