Growing job responsibilities leave us less time to clean our homes.  Careli is constantly in search of more efficient, practical and fast-acting products to help with the daily tasks.

 It is important to know:

  • Always use the necessary amount of product.
  • The cleaning does not necessarily improve by using more quantity.
  • Large amounts of product may cause streaks.
  • Never mix different chemical products. Innappropriate mixture may cause damage to your health.

Allow us to give you some tips for an ever shiny and clean floor in your home without having to spend much time on cleaning.

Before scrubbing the floor, we recommend to remove any dust, sand and crumbs using a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. Use a brush to remove dust from corners.

For the scrubbing of floors, we offer:

  • FLOPP Suelos Universal: Especially designed for the cleaning, sanitizing and care of all kind of surfaces.
  • FLOPP Suelos pH Neutro: especially designed for the cleaning, sanitizing and care of all kind of delicate surfaces: timber floor, marble, ceramic, granite, terrazzo, stoneware… Restores the original glow.

Doypack Flopp Suelos Universal ECO

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Application: Fill a bucket with hot water (allows faster drying) and drop a single dose capsule of FLOPP suelos. Stir with a mop, wring it out well and clean the floor.

For a better shine use a mop or a dry cloth after scrubbing.

Note that every surface has its own characteristics and the inappropriate use of detergents may cause serious damage:

  • Marble: A very hard-wearing surface that can be damaged by acids and is easily scratched. Due to its porous texture, stains quickly penetrate. After scrubbing, use a mop and avoid moisture and dust being trapped in the water. You may also choose to apply a wax layer after scrubbing that will, in addition, protect the floor from possible stains. We recommend a machine polishing performed by an authorized specialist every 4-5 years.
  • Stoneware: Not very porous and highly resistant to both, scratches and chemical products.
  • Terrazzo: Being similar to marble in its porous texture and fast penetration of stains, it needs the same maintenance as marble surfaces.
  • Parquet or natural wood: use our soapy detergent with a very well-wrung-out mop. Use little water to clean as moisture is the main enemy of wood and may cause swellings of the wooden floor coverings.

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