Before washing it is advisable to…..

  • Sort clothes by degreee of dirt, coluor and fabric type.
  • Follow directions on care label of garments. Of all the washing programs, choose the one that best suits the type of clothing to be washed. Always keep in mind that the spin and the temperature must be appropriate.
  • Pretreat the stains that will not be removed by the normal washing cycle.
  • Before loading the washer, close zippers, hooks, clips, etc. to prevent them from getting stuck and tearing other garments. It is also advisable to include items of different sizes in the same wash to improve movement during washing. Place coloured garments inside out. To prevent damage to lingerie and corsetry wash these items in a washing bag.
  • Adapt the dosage and detergent. Overdosing my damage and/or stain your laundry and harm the environment.

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  • Learn more about the type of water hardness in your area. The higher the lime content in the water, the more quantity of detergent you need, since the lime neutralizes part of the detergent.