Healthy food for your baby.

robot-de-cocinaHealthy food can be prepared easily with the baby food processor.

Robots are designed for steam cooking with a minimum use of water, preserving food’s vitamins and nutrients. They also allow crushing, heating up and defrosting baby food.

Some of the trademarks we can find on the market are: Babycook by Beaba, Sanavapor by Chicco, range Avent by Philips, Nutribaby by Tefal, Babicare by Imaginarium, etc.

If we want to ensure that our children’s food is in perfect condition we have to carry out proper maintenance of food processors.

Inorganic waste from water (lime) used for cooking and organic residues from food scraps usually build up in the boiler. If these are not removed, they may form biofilms, breeding ground for bacteria.

We therefore recommend using CARELI Limpiador mini Electrodomésticos para Bebe to ensure a proper decalcification, descaling and sanitizing of the appliances.



How to carry out the maintenance?


  1. Empty the water reservoir
  3. Fill the reservoir with this solution.
  4. Set up all parts of the food processor and start cooking process. Repeat operation until the cleaning solution is used up.
  5. Afterwards, rinse all parts of the food processor (reservoir, bowl where the food is placed, etc.) with plenty of water.
  6. Refill the reservoir with fresh water and start the cooking programme, as many times as necessary to use up the water in the reservoir. This process must be carried out at least twice to ensure the proper rinsing of the food processor.

This treatment should be carried out every two weeks for proper maintenance.

Shock treatment: Add a sachet of 100 ml of Careli product directly into the reservoir and add water to fill it up. Start the cooking programme until de water in the reservoir is used up. Then rinse all parts, refill the reservoir with clear water and start de cooking programme until the water in the reservoir is used up.

You will find Careli Limpiador Mini Electrodomésticos para bebé at the chemist’s.