humidificadorIn winter, with the subsequent use of heating, the atmospheres in the houses dry out. This may dry and irritate the baby’s mucous membranes and respiratory tract so that they are more likely to catch colds. To prevent these situations, we use a humidifier which will allow maintaining an appropriate level of humidity for the baby.

However, we must not forget that the humidifier is an appliance that needs a certain care for proper working. We must keep in mind that thanks to this appliance, our baby gets a better breathing.

The standing water in the reservoir may favour the development and breeding of microbes. The humidifier must therefore be kept clean at all times.

It is recommended to switch off and unplug the humidifier to start with the cleaning. Mix one sachet of Careli Limpiador Mini Electrodomésticos para Bebe in a recipient with 500 ml of hot water. Fill the water reservoir and the water tank with CARELI’s solution. Leave it to act for 12 hours and then empty the reservoir and the tank. To complete the cleaning, use a soft brush or a clean cloth to rub the inner parts of the water tank. Then rinse all parts of the humidifier with plenty of water.

Do not place the humidifier by the bed. It is best to place it in a corner of the room, especially when it is a hot steam apparatus. Excess moisture is not recommended, so you should not have the device continuously connected. Ideally, place a hygrometer to control humidity in the room. It should always be between 25 and 50 %.


The babies’s care deserves our greatest attention and we have to pay attention to the smallest details and aspects that are likely to influence their well-being or their development.