How to clean fittings and other household appliances made of stainless steel…

Stainless steel is getting more and more popular in households. It can be found anywhere in kitchens and bathrooms, on furnishings, appliances or sanitary fittings. The main advantage is its resistance to corrosion and its metallic aspect that makes it one of the most acclaimed modern materials.

Another virtue of stainless steel is that it has extraordinary hygienic properties. Its fine, passive and protective layer restores itself when it gets in contact with oxygen coming from the air or water. Not being porous prevents it from accumulating bacteria.ACERO-INOX1

The cleaning of stainless steel is easy, but it has to be ongoing. Currently, a lot of utensils and elements are made of stainless steel: worktops, extractor
hoods, dishwashers, ovens, washers, fridges, washbasins and sinks.

Cleaning and maintenance:

  • DO NOT USE scouring pads, cleaning cloths or wire brushes to clean.
  • It is not recommended to leave scouring pads or humid cloths on the stainless steel surfaces as they may cause lime stains to appear.
  • First, clean the surface with a wet cloth with water and soap.
  • Then dry the surface with a cloth.
  • Finally, spray Careli INOX twice on a dry cloth and wipe the surface. The product forms a protective layer, delivers an antistatic effect that repels dirt. Protects against grease and corrosion.

Careli Inox removes stains and fingerprints