The washer has become an essential part of our homes and has therefore to be properly maintained to ensure its functioning and to continue offering excellent cleanliness after each washing cycle.

It is well worth giving our washing machine a minimum care. Find some advice below:

  1. Avoid overloading: Do not place too much laundry into the drum. There must be a reasonable space between the top of the pile and the drum.
  2. Ventilate the drum: Following the use of the washer it is important to ventilate the drum, so leave the door open so that in can properly dry. This will prevent mold.
  3. Clean the seals: Regularly clean the rubber seal with a clean and moist cloth to avoid bad odors as the dirty foam tends to build-up there.
  4. Use capsules that can be placed directly into the drum. By not using the dispenser drawer anymore, the detergent is fully used up and we avoid cleaning the drawer.
  5. Clean the washing machine: By maintaining the washer clean, we avoid lime build-up and bad odors that are caused by bacterial build-up or deposits of any other substances. The dirt removed from the garments could remain in the washer providing an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
  6. Clean the filter: According to the model or age of the washer you may have to remove remains deposited in the filters. Refer to the manual to find out how to do it and how often.

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